"A Voice For Young Conservatives"
Host: Alec Ceravolo

Meet The Cast

Alec Ceravolo was born and raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He grew up with 3 siblings, one being his twin brother Matthew Ceravolo who is also a co-host on the show. Alec has been in the radio industry for little over a year now and has decided to take on the role of being Host of his very own "young conservative podcast."He is mostly known for his sense of humor and is very easy to talk to. Alec is currently a college student in Boca Raton, FL at Florida Atlantic University where he will earn two degrees, one in Business and another in Computer Science. Alec is an avid golfer ad has been since the age of four years old, traveling the United States to compete in Junior Golf Tournaments. At the age of 20 now Alec has decided to inform his generation about the severity of politics and how it effects our daily lives. Most young adults do not care to even learn about politics, nor do they want to hear about it which makes it difficult for young adults to be informed about the correct political information. Alec is ready to have some fun with the Podcast along with being serious in order to spit out the factual information to young adults about all political topics and events. He will explain both the liberal view along with the conservative view to give you the right information. Along with listening to Alec and Matthew go back and fourth, special guests will also be present on every show so stay tuned each week for a list of guests that will appear on each show.

 Matthew Ceravolo was born and raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida along with his younger twin brother Alec Ceravolo who is the CEO of ctiwnsrights.com. Matthew also grew up with 3 siblings as well, since the Ceravolo’s are obviously twins. Matthew has been in the radio business for just a little over a year and has decided to take the role of being the COO and a Co-Host on ctwinsrights.com. Currently Matthew is attending Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton Florida pursuing a Business degree. Matthew has been an avid since the age of 4 years old. He has traveled all over the country to play in the most prestigious junior an amateur golf tournaments in the Country. Matthew will continue to pursue his golf career by turning professional in the fall of 2013 to try and qualify for the Web.Com Tour which is run by the PGA Tour, as best of luck to Matthew as he will try to become a PGA Tour Professional. In addition to pursuing his golf career Matthew will be very focused about letting young adults know about the severity of politics and how it can affect are daily lives. Most young adults are age do not care to learn about politics or even want to understand. Matthew along with his twin brother Alec is ready to have a lot of fun with this Podcast, but also it will be very serious because we want our listeners to have all factual information about all political topics and events that are going on in today’s society. Matthew will explain both views liberal and conservative to give you the right information. Along with listening to Matthew and Alec debate about certain topics on are show, there will also be present on every show so stay tuned each week for a lists of our guests that will be appearing on each show.

 Andrew Morrison was born and raised in North Palm Beach, Florida. He has two siblings, one being an older brother and another being his younger sister. Andrew has been a good friend’s with both Matthew and Alec Ceravolo and was asked to join the company as a special guest. After joining he was made the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Andrew is currently a sophomore at Florida Gulf Coast University where he is double majoring in Accounting and Finance.

Scott C. Austin was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL and is a 7th Generation Floridian. Scott became interested in politics at the age of 10 on September 11th, 2001 when America would forever be changed. Scott was inspired by leadership of President George W. Bush during a horrific time in this country’s history. Scott became active in politics during the 2008 Florida Republican Primary where he was a volunteer for the Romney campaign and then the McCain Palin campaign in the 2008 General Election. Scott attended The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach, FL where he was a member of The Debate Team and Class President his senior year. After graduating from The King’s Academy, Scott got an internship with The Romney Campaign in West Palm Beach, FL and helped run the local victory office. Scott was deeply inspired by Governor Romney and his great volunteer staff. Scott deferred his first semester of college to continue to work for The Romney Campaign through the election. Scott was given an opportunity of a lifetime to have private breakfast with Governor Romney and a few other lucky people. Governor Romney gave Scott great advice and he said, “Never try to plan your life, I did and it didn’t work out. I never thought in a million years I would be running for president.” Today that advice drives Scott in every opportunity that comes his way. Scott is honored to be a part of this Podcast. Scott is a sophomore at Santa Fe College majoring in Political Science and will transfer to the University of Florida in a year. Scott hopes to enter politics but understands not everything can be planned.



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